We need more Noahs

I am a noticer.. a sit back and observe kinda girl. At the ripe old age of 60, I don’t know it all and don’t claim to. I know discord when I see it, I know drama when it rears it’s ugly head, I know broken hearts and crushed spirits, I know drama and those who thrive on it and even stir the pot to keep it going.

I am far from perfect. We are all human and all do our own share of not being that perfect ray of sunshine or totally innocent being. We ALL fall short. But what if, just maybe, we tend to our own shortcomings. What if we tried our best to heal the broken hearted and crushed spirits. What if we did our best to calm the waters instead of stirring up the angry waves of the sea? Maybe our ark and it’s members would view things differently. Maybe our ark would be strong and it’s members would be gentler, kinder souls and everyone would survive!

Noah was described as a righteous man, blameless in his age. That’s not exactly a full compliment. He’s just pretty good relative to his times, which apparently are pretty bad. He’s real. He’s good but he’s real. He walks with God. He’s trying. And so God chooses him and his family to pass on those good genes and help humanity to survive. If Noah is a hero for anything it is this... he takes responsibility even though he isn’t guilty. He does all he can to make things right again.

There is no single person who deserves all the blame, there is no saint, there is no one blameless, no one perfect, no one qualified to fix it all. There is only us...”good in our age”. We all walk with the God of our own understanding, each in our own way and we try. Or at least we should be trying.

In the times of today, it’s a lot more complicated in building our ark. We don’t have the benefit of detailed instructions from God. However, we do have the wisdom of tradition of stories that guide us in knowing we are to be a certain way, to know we are one with the earth from which we came. We have a vision of a beautiful garden in which we live simply and in peace, taking from it no more than what we need. And we know what it means to care so much for every single person that we bring them into our circle, into our ark of compassion. May we be blessed, like Noah, with the compassion to clean up messes that we didn’t create, and with the strength to weather storms that come our way.

In the sea of drama, quit stirring up the seas and making them angry. Quit rallying the troops, quit searching for the next drama scene to get involved in. We need more Noahs who are just good, who are real, who just TRY! Build your ark of compassion on smooth seas and watch your fellow man soar. Be blessed 💗


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