Welcome to my creative life...Let's keep it Fancy

Welcome to Fancy That Decor. I began creating wreaths and home decor in October of 2014.

I had a cake business and created sugar scul
ptures(Fancy Cakes), prior to creating custom designed wreaths to adorn your home. I have always enjoyed creating, no matter what my medium of choice was. As long as I am working with my hands and creating beautiful things, I am very happy. I have an extremely supportive husband, Steve. He is my rock and my best friend. We have 3 grown children and one grandson, Mason.

To understand what brought me to the wreath business, let me fill you in a little on my background. I worked most of my life in the medical field. Crafting and creating has always been a hobby for me. When I was not creating something for myself, I was crafting with my children. They are grown adults now and I have one grandson who I absolutely adore. There is quite a story there and we have been on a very long journey together. Take a peek here and read a little bit about us as featured in Point of View Magazine.(http://povhouma.com/fancy-cupcakes/) The article will also help you to understand how the name "Fancy" came about.  After that article, my eyes were set on a goal to pass the Louisiana Cottage Food Law in Louisiana. It was illegal to bake and sell from home and my little cake hobby/small business was shut down the day that article was published. So I was on a mission. I gave up an entire year to work on getting that law passed. After countless hours of research, finding a Senator who would support me, writing the actual bill for the Cottage Food Law and speaking before Senate and House Committee during legislative session, I DID IT! Little ole me! I got a law passed making it legal to bake and sell from home in Louisiana. My precious grandson attended every hearing with me and was by my side in the State Capital the day the law was passed. I went on to open my cake business and more and more focused on sugar work and fondant sculpting. I was published in many magazines for my work being featured in styled shoots with various Party Planners. I was also published in the Wall Street Journal for working on the Louisiana Cottage Food Law. That does not happen every day for this small town, Cajun girl. It was very surreal. So, I know you are wondering....how and what does this have to do with wreaths?

After 2 years of baking, I decided it was time to move on. I needed and wanted more time with my husband, my kids, my grandson and my aging Mother. Passing that law never really was about me. It was for the principal of the matter, for all the people out there with a dream, for the ones who depended on that income to make ends meet or to be a stay at home mom.  I set a deadline, hung up my apron and never looked back. It was a bitter sweet day for me, but I knew in my heart, it was the right thing to do. That is when the wreath making began. I needed a creative outlet. I decided one day to make a Halloween wreath for myself. After friends and family saw the wreath, they wanted one. More and more people began requesting wreaths and Fancy That Wreaths and More was born. Just 6 short months ago in October, 2014. It has been a true blessing to feed my creativity. I absolutely love, love coming up with a vision for a wreath, planning it out, gathering the best quality of supplies and making the magic happen by bringing that work of art to life for you.

Customs wreaths for a specific person in mind or a particular theme or occasion is something I really excel at. Your  wants and your ideas are always welcome. I take it very seriously to create a work of art that you can enjoy and admire for years to come. I am here to make your vision of the perfect wreath become a work of art for your home.